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Lambton AAA Executive Warns Use of Team Water Bottles
friday October 24, 2014

At a recent Lambton AAA meeting, board executive Dr. Gary Barwitzki issued a warning to all teams about the use of water bottles on the bench and recommends that each player have their own designated water bottle.

"All teams from any level of hockey should follow the Hockey Canada guideline regarding water bottle sharing." Barwitzki said

The Hockey Canada guideline that was issued by Todd Jackson, Safety and Risk Manager for Hockey Canada states that good team hygiene includes all players and staff have their own water bottles to prevent  the transmission of viruses and bacteria.  Bottles should be labelled and washed after each practice or game.

“Sharing water bottles in any sport puts the athlete at increased risk of a communicable illness. Dr. Barwitzki added "These are most often viral illnesses such as the common cold but can include herpes labialis (commonly known as a cold sore) and influenza. Bacterial infections such as strep throat also can be spread by sharing water bottles.”

In Jackson guidelines he recommends that officials avoid the practice of drinking from the goaltenders water bottle and suggest they have their own water bottle at the penalty bench.

Dr. Barwitzki agrees with Jackson that good hygienic practices will help to maintain a healthy team atmosphere and assist in keeping all participants healthy throughout the season.

To read Hockey Canada's bulletin click on the following:






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