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Perry's 3 on 3 Ninth Hockey Season Begins
April 8, 2015

On Tuesday Perry's 3 on 3 ninth hockey season began at the Germain Arena with the Atom Division taking to the ice.

In the first game Sentry Fire edged out Ritiac Construction in a low scoring 2 - 1 game.  Joshua Glavin and Coleton Cooper scored for Sentry Fire and Casyn Foster scored the only goal for Ritiac Construction.  Joseph Malinowski earned the win in net for Sentry Fire.

In the second game Sentry Fire suffered their first loss against Co-Operators with a final score of 14 - 5.  Owen Kennedy and Dylan Sutherland led the Co-Op's scoring 3 goals apiece.  Quinn James, Evan Morningstar and Liam Frew each scored 2 and Jack Birkbeck and Cameron Gould added singles.  For Sentry Fire Coleton Cooper scored twice with singles by Joshua Glavin, Cole Clothier and Kade St. Pierre.  Logan Hachey earned his first win in net for Co-Operators.

The Co-Operators added their second win of the night after defeating Ritiac Construction 9 - 4 in the third game of the night.  Cameron Gould and #88 (players name unknown) each scored 3 goals for the Co-Operators.  Owen Kennedy added 2 and a single by Jack Birkbeck.   Casyn Foster led Ritiac with 2 goals and singles by Nolan Mumford and Noah Taylor.  Logan Hachey went 2 - 0 for the night in net.

All Season Concrete and KV Sheet Metal went toe to toe in the fourth game and All Season Concrete came up with their first win of the season with a final score of 7 - 4.  Bennett Thomas, Trevor Anderson and Alen Cannon each score triples in the win and Finton Allen added a single.  Sam Oudman scored twice for KV and Matthew McDonald and and Connor Bracewell added singles. Winning netminder was Joshua Breault.

In game five Haulin' Assets Rentals earned a 9 - 6 win over KV Sheet Metal. Calder Winegard led the Assets scoring three goals.  Ethan Wark and #11 (player name unknown) added two goals and singles by Hayden McLellan and Nolan Shultz-Allison.  Scoring for KV Sheet Metal were Hudson Gartshore and Matthew McDonald each with two and singles by Jackson Madere and Trent Loxton.  Picking up his first win of the season in net was Liam Goetz.

All Season Concrete went 2 - 0 for the night after defeated Haulin' Assets Rentals 6 - 2.  Trevor Anderson and Lucas Gaspari each scored two goals in the win with singles by Finton Allen and Alen Cannon.  Scoring for Haulin Assets were Calder Winegard and Turner Jenkins.  Joshua Breault earned his second win of the night in net for All Seasons.

Atom Division Stats

Teams GP W L T PTS
Co-Operators 2 2 0 0 4
All Season Concrete 2 2 0 0 4
Haulin' Assets Rentals 2 1 1 0 2
Sentry Fire 2 1 1 0 2
KV Sheet Metal 2 0 2 0 0
Ritiac Construction 2 0 2 0 0








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