Sarnia Atom House League Weekend Results

December 10, 2015

reports by St. Pat's Students Grace VanEerd and Leeah White


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By Grace Van Eerd

This past Saturday the Atom House league took to the ice once again. The Grey McAtom team v. McAtom Black, Orange McAtom v. McAtom Tan, the Green McAtom team playing the Gold Wolverines, the Red McAtom team playing the Blue. The battles were all hard fought by the players, although only half the teams went home with a victory.

The first game was played by the Grey Sharks and the Black Falcons. This game wasnít so fortunate for The Grey Sharks and the game got a little aggressive. The game started off smooth as both teams held their game for the entire period, neither goalies letting a single puck fly by them.

Period two picked up the pace when two goals were scored by the Black Falcons. Player Noah Colameco scored the first goal with an unexpected slap shot towards the net, the goalie lost his focus and it flew right under his legs. The second shot was a fair assist by Giordano Troiani and scored by William Downes. You could see the Grey Sharks trying to gain some faith in their game but took a tripping at a race to the puck.

In period three things only continued to go downhill for the Grey Sharks, as power-hungry Adam Hurst scored a hatrick for his team landing the score at 5-0. The Grey Sharks skated heavy and fast to score their first goal on the Falcons and finally got their wish. The first goal for the Sharks was scored by Connor White, putting the score at 5 - 1. It was the Falcons game from then on as they got two more goals by Liam Murray and William Downes and the score concluded to 7 - 1 for the Falcons. A great effort for both teams was definitely put in!

The second game was played by the Orange Vipers who faced the Tan Tigers. In the first period the Tan Tigers took the spotlight and player Liam Kershaw scored two goals in a matter of four minutes to start off the game! Their only mistake was in this period of the game when two players Lily-Rose Murray was chasing Sasha Taylor down the ice and to prevent her goal decided to trip her, giving herself a penalty. The second period was introduced with the Vipers assisted goal scored by Logan Rogers, putting the score at 2-1 and leaving the rest of the period quiet. The third period started off slow but both teams got into the game and fought for victory. However, the last goal of the game was scored by the Vipersí player Tayte Jennings who actually tied the game 2-2, and thatís when the game ended as time ran out! Good work teams!

By Leeah White
The third game at 10am was a nail biter as the Green team took on the Gold Wolverines. Every break away from the opposing teams was stopped by both stellar defence lines. Five minutes into the first period Noah Griffith got the Green team up on the scoreboard. The puck crossed the ice from side to side and shortly after Titus Hayes got another one on the board for the Green team. Going into the third period 2-0, the green confidently took the ice and immediately Noah Griffith got his second goal. The Wolverines started to pick up their pace noticing the clock running out. Two beautiful back to back goals by Ayden Sharpe-Gruntz and Warren Hunt got the Gold back in the game. Both goals assisted by Gavin MacKinnon. With minutes left Noah Griffith got his third breakaway and zooming through the defence, he scored his third for a hat trick! Winning the game for the Green team 4-2.

The last game on this Saturday morning schedule was a more one sided fight. The Blue team's offence coming at the Red full force. In the first period the Blue team's Simon Frais started off the game with a unreal slapshot, getting one up on the board. Cameron Jackson of the same team easily winded through the Red offence shortly after, scoring the second goal. Simon Frais got the puck right off the bat in the second period, bringing it up the ice and shooting it into the back corner. And minutes later he scored in the hat trick. Trying to get in the game the Red team pushes their defence forward, J. Phillips scoring the last goal of the game. The final score 4-1.






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