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Kent Helps Stepping Down as President of the Petrolia Squires

Kent Helps and Dave Connors


In Petrolia at a gathering amongst family, friends and players Kent Helps announced that he is stepping down as President of the Petrolia Squires Hockey Club after 25 years of service. 


Helps announced that he will take on the role as GM until the end of the 2014-15 season.


"After the season is over the GM job will be done. Helps said "I am not quitting or giving up on the team by no means, I will be back to help out  in other capacities."


The Squires is one of Canada's oldest hockey teams and have won the National Championship title "The Allen Cup"  twice in 1979 and 1981.

In 2001 Sarnia was host to the Allen Cup Championships and went to the final where they lost to the Lloydminster Border Kings. "That was one of my favourite moments going to the Allen Cup finals at home." Helps said. 

One of the concerns Helps has is the continuation of the team.  "We need new blood, new ideas, new fundraiser, new financial support wherever we can get it because without that this club cannot continue."


And the new blood has begun with the announcement of the Club's New President Dave Connors.  The 42 year old Petrolia Native and the towns Deputy Fire Chief  has been helping the Squires out for the last year.  

"I have big shoes to fill," Connors admitted.  But they have been grooming me for this position."  Connors has never played for the Squires but has been a fan of the team. "I think I can bring to the table fresh ideas and secure major sponsors."

Connor with the help of his wife and two daughters have already brought some new ideas this past season with the creation of the teams Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Squires has a strong volunteer base but more help is needed to keep the team going and Connors invites anyone who is interested to come forward. 


The Squires are currently in playoffs against and are down 1 - 0 in the best of seven against Tavistock.  They play this Friday and Sunday at home with both games beginning at 8:00 pm.  The team has a mix of ages with a a lot of familiar faces on the team that include former Jr. B & C players. 







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