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Rapid 2 Swimmers Bring Home Medals
FEBRUARY 11, 2015


ROW Winter Invitational: Rapids 2 Gets Results

submitted photo
(left to right) Hayley Robertson, Austin Adams, Bethany Robinson, Caleb Wiersma.

Eleven swimmers age 13 and over from Rapids 2 participated in the ROW Winter Invitational Meet in Waterloo recently.  Six of the participants were medal winners.

Bethany Robinson(16) was a triple gold medal winner earning hardware in 100m Freestyle, 200m IM, and 800m Freestyle.  Austin Adams(14) was a gold medal finisher in 800m Freestyle, a silver in 100m Freestyle and a bronze in 100m Breaststroke.  Danielle Adams(17) earned gold in 200m Fly.

Shaelynn Plante-Hunter(16) won silver for her performance in the 50m Backstroke and bronze for 200m Backstroke.  Hayley Robertson(15) earned two bronze medals: one in 100m Backstroke and the other in 200m Freestyle.  As well, Caleb Wiersma(13) won a bronze medal for his performance in the 50m Breaststroke.

submitted photo

Back row from left to right: Kayla Marshall and Maddisson Hawryluk

Front row from left to right: Gabrielle Jones, Jack Girardi and Sophie Victor

12 & Under Celebration: Impressive Results for Rapids 2

Ten swimmers, aged 12 years and under, participated in a recent meet at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre in London.  Many swimmers were multiple medal winners.

Maddisson Hawryluk(11) was a double gold medal winner in 50m and 100m Breaststroke; she also earned three silver medals in 50m Fly, 100m Backstroke and 200m IM.  In addition, she won a bronze in 50m Backstroke.  Gabrielle Jones(9) was also a double gold medal winner in 100m Fly and 200m Backstroke; she also achieved 4 silver medal finishes in 50m and 100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke and 200m Breaststroke.

Jack Girardi(10) was a multiple medal winner with a gold in 50m Freestyle, three silver medals respectively in 50m Fly, 100m Backstroke and 200m IM as well as a bronze medal in 50m Backstroke.  Sophie Victor (9) took home a gold medal in 100m Backstroke, two silver medal finishes in 200m Backstroke and 200m IM respectively, and a bronze medal in 50m Backstroke.  Kayla Marshall(11) won a gold medal for her performance in the 50m Backstroke.

Two more swimmers were medal winners: Laura Potter(11) won silver for 50m Freestyle and bronze for 200m Freestyle.  Kylee Atkinson(8) won silver for the 100m Backstroke.

This was an excellent meet for these young swimmers.








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