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This Weeks Lambton Ladies League Results
FEBRUARY 20, 2015

Monday Night Rec. Division

Hot Tomalies shut out the Rinking Havoc 3-0. Goal scorers were Kailey Whitlaw, Allison Roddy and Deb Walker. Lindsay Hummell filled in and got the shutout.

Crazy Canucks win 6-0 over Varka and take over second place. Goal scorers were Thera Wagner and Sarah Meeder with 2 a piece while Nicole Workman and Kendra Pembleton-Feenstra add one each. Amy Blundell had 6 assists. Lindsay Hummell earned her second shutout of the night!

Ice Crushers played a great game and won 4-0 over the Red Devils. Amanda Sheppard scored her first goal of the season along with Erin Roefs, Dana Jackson and Heather Fraser with one a piece. Christyann Alexander recorded the shut out for the Crushers.

Wednesday Night Elite Division

Brownstones had a great game and defeated the 1st place Sleeping Beauties 2-1. Kristy Becker and Beth Duquette score one each for the winners. Laura Frayne scored for the Beauties.

Blackhawks win 11-5 over the Fiddicks Foxes. Alysia Drouin led the way with 6 goals and 3 assists. Stacey Legge scored 3 goals and 2 assists and Stacey Seward adds 6 assists. Scoring for the Foxes was Jenny Mitchell with 2, Dayna Rawlings, Mandy Finch and Mary Minten added singles.

Twisted Sticksters win 3-1 over the Flags. Goal scorers for the Sticksters were Kimber Williams with 2 and Alysa Schroeter added the single. Dana Firth replied for the Flags.







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