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 Sarnia Rapids Swim Team Captured Gold Medals

january 17, 2015


Thirty-nine swimmers from the Sarnia Rapids Swim Team participated in the Nothers Invitational in London, Ontario.


submitted phtos
L to R: Maddisson Hawryluk, Samuel Boily-Dufour, Shona Branton

Samuel Boily-Dufour(16) captured gold in 200M freestyle.  He won silver in 50M Fly, 50M Back and 100M Free and bronze in 50M Free and 800M Free.  Boily-Dufour has met the qualifying standards to attend Ontario Provincials and AG Nationals.

Shona Branton(12) and Maddisson Harwyluk(11) each earned two gold medals respectively in 200M Breast and 50M Breast, and 200M Breast and 100M Breast.  Congratulations to Madison for qualifying for Ontario Festivals. Bethany Robinson(16) received bronze in 50M Free.

Maude Boily-Dufour(14) won two medals. She earned silver in 100M Back and bronze for 200M IM.  She is now qualified to attend both Ontario Provincials and AG Nationals.

Kayla Marshall(11), Sarah Visser(12), and Laura Potter(11) earned silver respectively for 100M Backstroke, 50M Backstroke and 100M Freestyle.  Allan Sundby(23), Austin Adams(14) and Danielle Adams(17) won a bronze medal respectively for 50M Fly, 50M Freestyle and 800M Freestyle. Austin has qualified to attend Ontario Provincials as well.

Many  Rapids swimmers have already qualified for the Western Region Championship:  Austin Adams, Heather Baxter, Jack Biggar, Maude Boily-Dufour, Samuel Boily-Dufour, Christopher Dejonghe, Jack Girardi, Burak Gurtekin,  Maddisson Hawryluk, Gabrielle Jones, Paige Klingbeil, Kayla Marshall, Laura Potter, Warren Potter, Hayley Robertson, Bethany Robinson, Hunter Small, Alan Sundby and Caleb Wiersma.

Congratulations to Caleb Wiersma who has also qualified for Ontario Festivals. This was an extremely successful meet for the team.


Medal Winners from Nothers Meet
Back row from L to R: Samuel Boily-Dufour, Adam Sundby, Austin Adams
Centre row from L to R: Maude Boily-Dufour, Shona Branton, Bethany Robinson, Sarah Visser
Front row from L to R: Maddisson Hawryluk, Laura Potter, Kayla Marshall








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