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Imperials Battled in Hamilton
July 14, 2015

As week 6 approached the Sarnia Imperials were hoping to catch the Patriots sleeping and come out with a big win that could have clinched first place finish for the first time in recent year history for the red and gold. Well all 54 Patriots greeted the depleted royal family from Sarnia this past Saturday at Mohawk field.

Steel City came out using a lot of clock up in the first to cash in on a 3 point conversion with 4:17 remaining of the first. The Imperials would march right back down field and Pat Wright would find Brad Churchill on a 23 yard pass to pull ahead, the sure footed Kevin Allaer unfortunately had some pressure with a bad hold and was blocked but still gave the Imps the lead. It was a good defensive game as both teams came up with timely turnovers, the Patriots had one fumble recovery and one interception but were always buzzing around Pat Wright with 5 batted balls and allowing one sack for the game.

As for the Imperials, Dan White and Andrew MacDonald lead the team with 4 tackles each. The team had decent pressure with 3 batted balls, Chris VanMeppellen Scheppink also added a late fumble recovery and new addition LaTreze Mushatt came up with a big interception.

During the second quarter, Hamilton worked down the field ‎to grab the lead back with a touchdown early at 2:35 into the quarter, the convert was good and the score now 10-6 Pats. 6 minutes later Kevin Allaer punched in a 12 yard FG to shorten the lead to 10-9 Pats and that's how it stayed until half time.

With the Imperials getting the ball back in the second ‎half first, they had a great drive to start the half finding a new running back within the new addition Rob Bonnani. Rob carried the ball 14 times and grabbed up 41 yards, the best part about this new find was how the O line were able to create holes for the strong north south runner and were able to now create some long drives.

"The big boys were able to do what I have been asking them to do and this is going to be a great finish to the season, as they go we go", Cherski says. "I am very proud of the work the O line did today for our run game, we'll get more work in and try to make our protection for Pat better and let's see what happens".

Ryan Lounsbury although kept off the score sheet for points lived up to his billing with 7 catches for 134 yards. Pat Wright threw for 16 of 28 and 240 yards passing and a rushing TD. That rushing TD happen at 3:12 remaining in the third quarter and the convert was good for a 16-10 lead. Five minutes later the Patriots got a rouge of their own to make it a 16-11 Imperials lead.

Enter the fourth quarter, the cardiac kids needed a big score to solidify the win, could they do it? As the quarter played out the Imps regained the point that was given up earlier on a bomb punt off the toe of Kevin Allaer and the score was now 17-11 for Sarnia. The defenses were both playing well having a bend but do not break attitude. All of sudden a huge pass and catch from Steel City and some blown coverage's set up an end zone battle that would end up in the Patriots getting the TD and convert, for a 18-17 lead, but there was still time on the clock.

The Imps moved the ball leaving one second left for a 48 yard FG, ball is snapped, hold is good, enough leg it's moving through the uprights for the win and drifted wide right about 3 feet.

Unfortunately the boys could not make this comeback happen this weekend. At the end of the game from the missed FG the Patriots ran the ball out of the end zone to lock up the win as the whistle blew.

Players from both sides got together to exchange words. The benches emptied from both teams and before cooler heads prevailed the two would be short 2 players each for the next game. The Imperials will lose two quality players and leaders in Chris VanMeppellen Scheppink and Jim Purves for at least one game as league rules states, any ejection will be followed by a review to deem any further suspension.

"I hate when a good game ends that way win or lose, I'm hoping there is no further repercussions even though our one player did get headbutt and split open after he lost his helmet in the mele". Head coach Cherski explained.

Next week the Imperials get ready to go on the road for the third week in a row to face the Oakville Longhorns , 6pm kickoff at Bronte field in Oakville.





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