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Perry's 3 on 3 Peewee Division Closed Out the Week
June 5, 2015


Perry's 3 on 3 Peewee Division closed out the weekly action at Germain Arena Thursday night.
In the first game Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn defeated All Season Concrete 15 - 2.  Blake Wallace and Jimmy Simpson both scored 4 goals in the win.  Logan Forbes scored 3 and Logan Lake and Caleb Burchell-Dupilka added 2.  Owen Peters and Carter Viglasky were the two goal scorers for All Season Concrete.  Taking the win in net was Matt Pickering.


In game two a ton of goals were score that totalled 30 between the two teams.  Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn outscored Ritiac Construction 20 - 10.  Five players that included Chad Noetzel, Blake Wallace, Logan Forbes, Caleb Burchell-Dupilka and Jimmy Simpson each scored 4 goals in the win.  Logan Lake jumped boxes to help out the short Ritiac bench scored 3 goals.  Ryder Nienhuis and Mason Winegard-Milne each added 2 and singles by Brook Lauwers, Tanner Winegard and Sebastian Fraser.  Matt Pickering earned the win in net.


All Season Concrete came back and won their second win by a score of 14 - 8 over Ritiac Construction.  Levi Plain led in scoring with 4 goals with 3 by Carter Viglasky.  Owen Peters and Brady Krasinkiewicz each scored 2 and Mitchell Keelan, Cole Reinders and Julia Joyce added singles.  Scoring for Ritiac Construction were Ryder Nienhuis with 3, Mason Winegard-Milne added 2 and singles by Sebastian Fraser, Greg Vanheyst and Tanner Winegard.  Kevin Nguyen earned the win in net for All Season Concrete.


In a close finish Co-Operators came out on top with a 5 - 4 win over Haulin Assets Rentals.  Jett Morningstar scored 3 goals in the win with Owen Shearon adding 2.  Logan Lake scored 2 for Haulin Assets Rentals and Kyle Flamminio and Chase Nickels added singles.  Seth LeBlanc earned the win in net.


The Co-Operators went 2 - 0 in their second game after taking a solid 11 - 3 win over KV Sheet Metal.  Jett Morningstar and Shaun McDermott scored 3 goals each in the win.  Jimmy Simpson scored 2 and singles were scored by Cole Whitworth, Jimmy Bennett and Ryley Biggar.  KV goals were scored by Jacob Gould with 2 and Max Laur with 1.  Seth LeBlanc picked up his second win in net for the Co-Operators.


In the final game of the night Haulin Assets Rentals downed KV Sheet Metal by a final score of 8 - 2.  Logan Lake scored 3 goals for Haulin and Zachary Woods and Chase Nickels each added 2 with Kyle Flamminio with a single.  Max Laur scored both goals for KV Sheet Metal.  Hayden George earned the win in net for Haulin Assets Rentals.

Standings - Week 9

Teams GP W L T PTS
Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn 18 14 4 0 28
Co-Operators 18 12 4 2 26
Haulin Assets Rentals 18 12 4 2 26
All Season Concrete 18 6 12 0 12
KV Sheet Metal 18 5 13 0 10
Ritiac Construction 18 3 15 0 6








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