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Bluewater Cheer Athletics Youth Team Win Awards in Sandusky
MARCH 13, 2015

submitted photo

Bluewater Cheer Athletics Youth Level 1 Team

 On March 7, 2015 the Bluewater Cheer Athletics Youth L1 team (ages 9-11) competed in the GLCC Rock ní Hall of Fame National Champions Competition in Sandusky, Ohio and won several awards.

The team won first place out of nine teams and then won the overall Level 1 Grand Champions award along with the Session Spirit Award and the Roaring Routine Award. It was an outstanding day for this fantastic group of girls.

This Youth team had an outstanding 2014/2015 season as they also won first place at the Cheer Evolution Ontario Provincial Competition in Kitchener recently.

Other teams competing representing the Bluewater Club included The Senior Cheer L2 team (ages 14-18) who also placed first in their division, the Mini Cheer L1 (ages 6-8) placed 4th and Junior Cheer L2 (ages 8-14) placed 3rd.









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