Sarnia Hockey Atom Week 6 Doubleheader Results

November 28, 2015

Sarnia Hockey Association – Atom House League – Week 6 (of 21) results:
By: Leeah White : Gr. 11 Student St. Patrick’s Catholic High School

This past Saturday the atom house league took the ice, playing eight great games of true Canadian hockey. Typically it is 4 games – but on this weekend each of the 8 teams played 2 games – 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

In the morning contests it was McDonald’s Blue facing off against McAtom Tan, McAtom Grey battling the Gold, McAtom Red playing the Black, and finally the McAtom Orange taking on the McAtom Green.

The first game was hard fought, and both goalies worked hard to keep the pucks shot at them from going in. Two goals were scored by the red team in the first ten minutes of the game, quickly setting the pace of the game. William Levi and Simon Frais both found the back of the net. Frais found it quickly again before the end of the second period. Where his teammate Nik Ptushkin also shot in a beautiful goal with the help of Cameron Jackson and Charlie Kerwin at his side. In the third period the Tan started to make a comeback scoring 2 goals in the first 3 minutes. Gavin Griffith and Liam Kershaw celebrated as the crowd went wild, happy they finally got on the board. The celebration was short lived as red shot in their final goal making it a hatrick for Simon Frais. Sean Patson scored the final goal of the game for the tan team. Very exciting game, played well by both teams. The final score was 5-3 for the blue team.

The second game was a hard loss for the Gold team this week. It was a shutout, 6-0 for their opponents on the Grey team. Although Owen Labrash played a great first period with beautiful saves, he seemed to let them all by him in the second and third. Voisey and Stasso both brought in a point for the Grey early in the second period, followed by four other goals in the third. Scored by: White, Boere,Gray and Morningstar. Unfortunately the Gold ran out of time before they made it on the board.

Next up was the Red team facing the Black. Opening up the game with an unreal goal was Jacob Philips of the Red, followed seconds later by another from Hudson Murray of the opposing team. Jacob quickly turned the puck back around and with the help of his linesmen Chase Rogers, he got the puck back in the net. The Black team wasted very little time in the second period. Oliver Krawetz scoring in the first couple of minutes. But not soon after the Red team got their second wind. Jacob Phillips flew across the ice with the puck and passed it to Carson Whitlock who then shot it in. The puck flew back and forth, until the black team's Noah Calameco took a shot and got it in, tying the game. The third period had two early goals from each of the opposing teams. First, one by Carson Melville of the black team and minutes later a goal from Matthew Parsons of the red team. The game ended up a tie 4-4 as the final score.

The last game of the day was a fiery match between the Orange and Green teams. Right off the bat the Orange team took the lead, Tayte Jennings took a brilliant shot as he glided across the ice. Then the second period got taken over by the Green team, the goalie not letting anything in for the Orange. The Green offence including, Zachary Little, Jacob Murphy and Jiri Watson managed to get three goals in on the Orange team's goalie. The same followed for the third period, the Green offence stayed on top for majority of the time. Jake White scored both considerably impressive goals in a matter of minutes. In the last few minutes of the game Chris Caron took the puck away from the Green team and went on a break away, igniting a fire in the stands. He shoots and scores, but seconds later the clock ran out, giving the Green team the win. The final score was 5-2


Atom House League Week 6
November 21st
Submitted by Gr.11 St Pat’s student Grace Van Eerd

Sunday afternoon of November 15th saw four intense Atom House League hockey games played in the second half of Saturday’s doubleheader schedule of games.

The first game started off fierce as the Red Devils faced the Orange Vipers and within the first five minutes of the game, the Red Devils Braeden MacLean practically burglarized the puck from from Orange Vipers player Dwayne Hendries and had a smooth breakaway down the ice where the puck met the back of the Vipers’ net in one quick shot, bringing his team score one ahead of the opponents. The Orange Vipers revenge took place shortly after when players Justin Grey and Jakob Thomas got a hold of the puck and passed it to each other down the ice, making a firm assisted shot evening out the scores. In the second period the teams both went skate to skate eagerly chasing that puck around when finally the Red Devils player Tayte Jennings dekes out not one, but three of the Orange Vipers players and took a risky shot from the slot; a prime scoring area located between the faceoff circles and in front of the goal, putting his team one more point ahead! The final frame was action-packed as the Red Devils showed the Orange Vipers who brought their game. Four more goals were made by the Red devils from players Braeden MacLean, two by Jacob Guildolin and the last by Caiden Davison. The Orange Vipers, unable to keep up, scored their last goal by Chelsea Wheeler, officialising the score to end at 6-2.

Next up was The Green Gladiators versus The Black Falcons in a nerve racking match. The Black Falcons spread their wings and opened up the game in first period, putting their fans in the stands hands in the air with a killer assist. The puck looked glued to Rawana Ajah’s stick until it was passed quick and steadily to Noah Colameco who slap shot it into the net. Soon afterwards the puck found its way into The Green Gladiators net again when Zach Mcewan drove it right into the back, putting the score at 0-2. No more goals were made until the third period when things started getting heavy. The Black Falcons clawed their way to victory with some very coordinated stick handling and smooth passing, and they managed to score two more goals quick and easy, the first by player Oliver Krawetz and the last being another great assist by Caleb Mcarthur and scored by Zach Mcewan. The Green Gladiators fought hard to keep up but just couldn't quite make a win for they scored their first and only goal in the final frame. A stellar assist made by Jordan Watson and scored by Nick Griffill gave the Gladiators a true sense of spirit. The game ended on these terms and the score concluded to be 1-4 for The Black Falcons.

The ice was then taken by The Grey Sharks and The Blue All Stars. The game started off slow with both teams going back and forth and keeping the puck out of both nets. The first goal was made in the second period when Brad Boere took a fine pass from Nash Stasso and took a hard shot that went right between the All Stars goalies legs, putting the score at 1-0 for the rest of the period. The third period started to get personal when The Blue All Stars got a hold of the puck from the beginning and a goal is scored by Simon Frais tying the game, but not for long. The Grey Sharks players Justin Verslype and Adam Voisey worked together down the ice passing back and forth when out of nowhere an All Stars player Bren Holt comes charging through and trips Verslype, landing himself a penalty. Luckily the puck made it to Voisey who got up close to the net, and deked out the goalie to set the score to 2-1. The last goal was a third assist by Nash Stasso and Cameron White for The Grey Sharks, winning the game with a score of 3-0.

The last game was very intense played by The Gold Eagles and The Tan Tigers. The first period was owned by the Tan Tigers who scored two goals within the first three minutes, which were both assists. The first goal was a pass by Bryce Morgan and scored by Sean Patson, the second was a pass by Gavin Griffin and scored by Liam Kershaw, putting the score at 0-2. The Gold Eagles came back easily in the second period scoring another assist passed by Gage Klyne, and scored by Kaydence Labrash. Unfortunately, when The Tan Tigers player Liam Kershaw then got a hold of the puck, Gage Klyne tripped him and landed himself a penalty. However, this did not stop Kershaw as he quickly recovered from his fall, regaining possession of the puck and scoring another goal putting the score at 3 - 1.

This did not last long however, there was a great team effort by The Golden Eagles when Troy Benner passed to Gavin MacKinnon who passed to Ayden Sharpe-Gruntz who got the goal, setting the score to 3 - 2! The Tan Tigers were not having it though, Mark Pack steals the puck and mid break away, Gage Klyne who's back in the game soars in and hooks his skate, giving himself yet another penalty. Gage Klynes ferociousness doesn’t phase these Tigers though. Mark Pack slides the puck to James Moffat who slings the puck right to the back of The Gold Eagles’ nest, in other words, he scores The Tan Tigers another goal. In the final period with the score reading 2-4, The Gold Eagles skate hard to avenge their points. A goal is scored by the Eagles players Damien Auben who passed it to scorer Gage Klyne. Even though they were winning, The Tan Tigers couldn’t slow down. With the help of his teammates James Moffat scores his second goal, and Gavin Griffin scores his own. At 6 - 3 with only minutes left on the clock the final goal was scored by Sharpe-Gruntz again, ending the game with a score of 6 - 4. Good work teams!









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