2015 LKSSAA Tennis Championship Results

October 15, 2015

Team Standings
1st: Northern 20 points
2nd: John McGregor 17 points
3rd: St. Patrick’s 16 points
4th: Chatham Kent 9 points
4th: Ursuline 9 points

Boys Singles
Andrew Davies (Northern) defeated Griffin Allen (Lambton Central) 8-4 to finish 1st.
Riley Bore (Northern) defeated Tyler Dibattista (St. Francois-Xavier) 8-7 to finish 3rd.

Girls Singles

Elise McInnis (St. Patrick’s) defeated Pauline Borremans (Ridgetown) 8-3 to finish 1st.
Meaghan Gregoris (St. Clair) defeated Ceara Travis (John McGregor) 8-7 to finish 3rd.

Boys Doubles

Josh Ashby and Evan Thibert (Chatham Kent) defeated Connor Boyd and Jakob Wagner (Ursuline) 8-0 to finish 1st.
Alex Bernardi and Tyler Torrieri (Ursuline) defeated Priyank Patel and Ayush Namboothiri (Northern) 8-2 to finish 3rd.

Girls Doubles

Catherine & Clara Rastin (St. Patrick’s) defeated Taylor Kewley and Alison Rae (John McGregor) 8-1 to finish 1st.
Lyndsey Osler and Courtney Tremain (Northern) defeated Lauren Broeders and Sydney Sabourin (Chatham Kent) 8-6 to finish 3rd.

Mixed Doubles

Darby Barnard and Nick Van Der Paelt (John McGregor) defeated Keli Grant and Raj Dighe (Northern) 8-5 to finish 1st.
Rachel Carleton and Josh Kewley (John McGregor) defeated Renae Nevills and Cole McGregor (Ursuline) 8-7 to finish 3rd.


The above top 4 in each division qualify for SWOSSAA on October 22 in Windsor.

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