Mooretown Flags Annual Awards Banquet

Saturday April 16, 2016


The Mooretown Flags Jr. C Hockey Organization celebrated an outstanding year at the 2015-2016 annual awards banquet held at the Corunna Legion Friday night.


The Flags ended the GLGCHL 2015-16 regular season in 4th place with a record of 21 wins, 15 loses, 2 ties and 2 overtime loses. In playoffs The Flags defeated Lakeshore Canadiens in a 7 game first round series before bowing out to league champions Essex 73's in the semi-finals.


Special Guests attending the banquet included St. Clair Township Mayor Steve Arnold, Canadian Cancer Society representative Paula McKinlay, Flags Volunteers, Board Members, Coaching Staff and Players.


Absent from the celebration was Head Coach Doug Slipacoff who's message was delivered by assistant coach Steve Bryce.  At the end of the very long animated but enjoyable message Slipacoff suggested to the returning players to keep in shape over the summer. 

Slipacoff noted that with few spots available on next years roster the tryouts will be set high. Slipacoff's presence was felt when Bryce read that he would be sending out a training schedule via email the following week.

As announced in March of this year the Coaching Staff who earned the 2015-16 GLJCHL Coaching Staff of the Year that included Assistant Coaches Steve Bryce and Blake Pearson will be returning to the bench next season.


file photo - Doug Slipacoff


Other staff members returning includes Trainers Shawn Osbourne and Jake Butler, Equipment Managers Norm Hanson and Bill Gunness and General Manager John Baker. 

In a surprise announcement long time loyal supporter and head trainer Perry Vanhuyenzie announced that he was retiring and was handing the training reigns over to Shawn Osbourne.  Vanhuyenzie who has been with the team that some said for over 25 years will be dearly missed as seen by the emotions on many of the board members and volunteers faces. 


Player Awards


Best Defenceman - Orville Druiett Memorial Trophy
l-r Joe Rodriquez (Director), Mike Kindrachuk, John Baker (GM)



The first award presented was the Orville Druiett Memorial Trophy for Team's Best Defenceman.  Mr. Druiett was one of the Flag's original trainers back in 1971.  Earning the 2015-16 Best Defenceman Award was Mike Kindrachuk. Kindrachuk was the team's top defensive point scorer with a combine regular season and playoff total 24 points with 6 goals and 18 assists.


Rookie of the Year - Robbie Beaton Memorial
l-r John Baker, Cameron Rannie, Chuck Melton (Director)


The second award presented was the Robbie Beaton Memorial Trophy that is presented to the Team's Rookie of the Year.  Robbie "Captain Bob" was a gutsy and determined athlete who later went on to coach Minor Hockey.  Before his untimely death he was the first coach to bring an OMHA Championship the the Mooretown Minor Hockey Association.  The winner of the 2015-16 Rookie of the Year went to Cameron Rannie. Rannie was 5th in team standings in the regular season earned a combined regular and playoff total of 29 points with 14 goals and 15 assists.


#12 Joe DeSena - Most Sportsmanlike Player


The Team's Most Sportsmanlike Player presented in Memory of Clarence "Slash" Evans who was a very quiet but highly supportive and appreciative fan who enjoyed a good game of hockey that exhibited true sportsmanship, fast, talented and finesse play.  This year's Most Sportsmanlike Player went to Assistant Captain Joe DeSena.  DeSena was the teams top point scorer with a combine total of 49 points, with 19 goals and 30 assist.  DeSena was not in attendance at Friday nights awards banquet.



Leadership, Hard Worker, Dedication - Garry McDonald Memorial
l-r John Baker,  Ben Morrison, Jill McDonald (Garry's wife)



The next award presented was the Coaches' Award also known as the Garry McDonald Memorial Trophy.  Garry was a long serving Flags' Executive Director who was a valuable member who could be counted on to perform any task asked of him.  This award is presented to a player who exhibited strong leadership, hard work and dedication.  Earning the 2015-16 Garry McDonald Memorial Trophy was Assistant Captain Ben Morrison. Morrison was ranked 3rd in the player standings in the regular season and earned a combined regular and playoff  total of 33 points with 29 goals and 4 assists.


Most Valuable Player - Ross McCormick Memorial
front - Grandson Jamie McCormick
l-r John Baker, Brandon Johnson, Garnet McCormick (son)



The Teams Most Valuable Player Award in Memory of Ross McCormick who was a very dedicated, hardworking executive director who devoted all of his spare time in fundraising efforts to ensure the Flags had enough funds to keep operating.  He also made sure the players and coaching staff had something to eat and drink after each road trip game.  McCormick was a Valuable Member of the Flags Organization and earning the Memorial Trophy as the Most Valuable Player was netminder Brandon Johnson.


Ron "Pork" Laur Scholarship Award
l-r Max Laur (grandson), Colton Osbourne, John Baker


The Ron "Pork" Laur Scholarship Award in memory of a generous person who always had the best interests and best intentions for the area's young athletes.  He always acknowledged the performance and team leadership, which were exhibited by every young player he came to meet and watch.  The Scholarship Award was presented to Colton Osbourne.


Overage Sweater Presentation
l-r John Baker, Jake Butler, Perry Vanhuyenize, Brandon Johnson, Bill Gunness, Steve Bryce, Shawn Osbourne



The final presentation of the night was the Overage Sweater Presentation to the lone overage player, Brandon Johnson.

Johnson was a favourite with the Coaches and Players who played four years with the Flags.   Head Coach Doug Slipacoff was once quoted saying "He is the best goalie in the League, were happy he's with us." 

In his final season Johnson was named the Leagues Player of the Month for September and went on and led his team to one of the best season the teams has had in recent years. 

Johnson, a passionate player who would arrived at the rink early to prepare for a game in his farewell speech thanked many people for their time and patience working with him and mostly his parents who were supportive of him in his hockey career. 





Brandon Johnson
Mooretown Flags Career Stats

2015/2016 32 30 16 13 1 1 97 3.21 1065 0.917
2014/2015 31 30 12 16 - 0 117 3.89 968 0.892
2013/2014 32 30 13 13 - 0 120 4.04 1051 0.898
2012/2013 30 29 10 14 - 0 111 3.8 967 0.897
TOTALS 125 119 51 56 1 1 445 3.73 4051 0.901
2016 11 11 4 7 0 0 41 3.79 380 0.903
2015 3 3 0 3 0 0 14 5.01 83 0.856
2014 6 6 2 4 0 0 21 3.5 251 0.923
2013 5 5 1 4 0 0 16 3.21 144 0.9
TOTALS 25 25 7 18 0 0 92 3.74 858 0.903



The 2016-2017 season is underway. Players interested in attending a Mooretown Flags camp can complete a recruitment form located on the Flags website: www. .




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