Point Edward Jr B Pacers Lacrosse Getting in Shape for 2016

Monday April 4, 2016

Being a chartered accountant Head Coach Randy Dunn of the Point Edward Jr B Lacrosse team knows an early investment can pay huge dividends down the road.

Every Friday night Coach Dunn and his staff have been running a skills and conditioning camp at the Aamjiwnaang Community center hoping the hard work his team puts in now will pay off in wins come the hot humid days of May and June.

“This gives the players a chance to tune up their sticks and most importantly work on their fitness for the upcoming season.” says coach Dunn.

“This year’s team will be young, but will feature many good Athletes.The Pacers will be a well conditioned team that plays with skill and discipline and although young will employ a team toughness mentality of working hard and sticking up for each other on the floor."

Third year Veteran Matt Vince down from Georgian College in Orilla for a Friday night workout is expecting big things from this year’s team.

” I really like the dedication I’m seeing from these younger guys”” There is real commitment, and the guys are all communicating with each other on the floor.””

I see us playing at a 500 level this year and will not accept anything less.”

After an 11 year drought coach Dunn’s goal is to bring the excitement of playoff lacrosse back to Point Edward.

Training camp opens April 5th at the Point Edward Arena from 8:00 pm - 9:06 pm.

Season Schedule

submitted photo courtesy of Point Edward Pacers




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