St. Pat's Charity Game a Success


St. Pat's principal and Teacher's Team Captain Rob Cicchelli facing off against Student Team Captain Logan Scott with
Ian Scott, Christine Scott, Taylor Scott and teacher Blake Morrison during the ceremonial puck drop.

The St. Pat's charity hockey game between the teachers and boys hockey team last Friday was a huge success - it exceeded the schools wildest expectations.


The game was in honour of grade 10 student Taylor Scott from Point Edward who was diagnosed with cancer late last year.  Taylor’s brother Logan who is a member of the boys hockey team was supported by his teammates who wanted to do something to support Logan and they came up with the idea of the student/teacher hockey challenge.


The organizing team initially thought they might have between 100-200 students at the charity game and raise a few hundred dollars for their efforts, however the team was happy to announce that they had over 500 in attendance comprised of students and members of the general public that came out to support the cause. As of last Wednesday the school has raised over $5,000.00 for the charity.

To raise funds the students had to pay $5.00 to get out of school early to attend. The school also received donations from local business’s and several firemen from the fire station next door stop by and presented Taylor’s dad, Ian with an envelope donating to the cause.

During Taylor’s treatments the family has used the Ronald McDonald House facility in London. The Scott family asked that the monies raised from the charity event be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

“We felt so at home, it's a home away from home.” Taylor’s mom Christine said “A place where families come together and come for one another in conversation. We all understand each other because we're all going through the same thing with a child that's ill. They provide everything from when you walk in the door.”

The Ronald McDonald house provides warm meals, shower facilities and during the Christmas season Christine said they provided Christmas gifts because families don’t have time to shop.

“They just make things so comforting there,” she said. “They just take care of the kids and the families. It's very difficult to explain, but it's an amazing place. If we can allow other families to stay there for as long as they need to, we've done a good thing.”


And the outcome of the game.......


To the delight of fans in the stands the students took the win with a final score of 2 - 1.  After regulation time the score was tied at 1 - 1 that sent the game into overtime.  In the overtime with 2:11 remaining the students scored to win the first annual charity game and the student team was presented with a trophy. 











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