Special Presentation by Taylor Scott and Family to the Ronald McDonald House Charities

Wednesday March 31, 2016

presenting cheque Taylor Scott
 l-r Colleen Buckley (Sarnia McDonalds), Patrice Katsiroumbas (Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario),
Taylor's Mom Christine, Brother Logan, Blake Morrison (teacher)
standing behind Mike Johnson (Sarnia McDonalds) and Taylors Dad Ian

At St. Pat's Secondary School Taylor Scott along with her family were happy to present the Ronald McDonald House Southwestern Ontario with a cheque in the amount of $5,500.00.   The amount was the result of St. Pat's fundraiser hockey game between the students and teachers held on February 19 in honour of Taylor.



"The game between the boys hockey team and the teachers was the idea of the boys hockey team which Taylor's brother Logan is a part of." said Teacher Blake Morrison who helped co-ordinate the fundraiser event.  

"The school body and community got behind the idea and the principal was entirely supportive of it and allowed it to be in the concept of a buyout where kids donated $5.00 to get out of school a bit early."  Morrison explained how the funds were raised.


"The original idea was to raise a few hundred bucks to give to the family to help with the expenses they were incurring going up and down the highway to London for Taylorís chemo treatments."


When Taylors parents Christine and Ian were approached with the idea that the fundraiser was being held in honour of their daughter to help with expenses they asked that the monies be donated to the Ronald McDonald House with who they are very grateful for the service they provide.

"Right now we are at the Ronald McDonald house probably three weekends every month." said Taylor's Mother Christine "We usually arrive on a Friday and come home Sunday or Monday so itís really comforting to know the house is right across the parking lot. Itís a two minute walk so I can stay with her as late as I need to and then I can walk 2 minutes across the parking lot and spend the evening there."

The event was a success in that not only did they raise the hopeful few hundred bucks but the total grew as word of the event spread around the community.


"With the help of local media, social media and word of mouth the event grew."  Morrison said " Approximately 450 students attended the event along with supporters from the community.  I'm told by the arena staff that there was probably 600 people in attendance."


Morrison added his thanks to several outside supporters and main contributors.

"Individual donations were the backbone of that donation but there were many local business that contributed." Morrison said and made special mention of a few who contributed.

"Wight Bus Lines donated 10 buses that transported the students to the arena. The Bluewater Referees donated their time at no cost and also made a donation of $250.00. The Fire Fighters of Sarnia C platoon came over during the game and donated $150.00 and just recently the  Pacers Lacrosse of which Taylorís older brother Logan is a player donated $500.00. We also received many other donations from other local business and individuals that we are so thankful for."


Patrice Katsiroumbas a representative of the Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario was happy to accept the donation from Taylor.

"We have people within all communities from as far away as Waterloo and Windsor that have come to stay at the house." Katsiroumbas said "Donations help keep the costs to the families low so they can be by their children's bedsides as they go through some pretty difficult treatments. It would actual cost over $200.00 for a family if they were going to stay and do it on their own but we charge them $10.00 a night no matter what.  So we are taking on the burden that they have food to eat and a place to stay so they donít have to worry about that."

"Every little bit will help keep the families staying at the house." said Katsiroumbas on how important large or small fundraisers like bake sales and lemonade stands are important.

Raising funds is not the only way to support the Ronald McDonald House.  The organization is also looking for people to volunteer their time at the house and Katsiroumbas encourages people to visit their website to learn more of the opportunities.  www.rmhswo.ca

"For me and being part of the co-ordination of the event, the whole thing as been a real experience, watching how the community gathers around and supports a fantastic cause." Morrison said

"This was all done for Taylor. Taylor has gone through this battle that sheís winning and she will be the ultimate victor."




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