Chopp and Giles Close Lambton County Tenpin with Notable Scores

Saturday May 14, 2016

Bowling Scores for Week Ending May 14, 2016


             Dan Chopp and Dave Giles performed notably in Lambton County Tenpin Association bowling action this past week as the season ended for another year. 

             Chopp fired 720 (220-257-243) in the Thursday Night Border City Menís League at Marcin Bowl in closing tournament rivalry to post the high triple of the week.

              Giles, carrying a 151 average, tossed 651 (236-236 Ė 85 pins over average Ė 198 pins over average for three games) in the Thursday Night Menís League at Marcin Bowl in closing tournament competition.

             Capping off the scores in the Marcin Thursday Night Menís League were  Larry Plumb 694 (224-225-245), Jean Lacroix Jr. 676 (244-238), Matt Salmons 662 (257), Mel Matthews 652 (248), Jordan Cote 650 (248-244), Roy Mezzatesta 646 (227), George Reid 623 (235-230) and Tom Cotterill 229. The first half winning team was Lambton Alloys. The second half winning team was Watch And See.  Watch And See team defeated Lambton Alloys to be the league champions. In closing tournament action, Watch And See and The Young Plugs tied with 3510 to share first place. They were followed by Canadian National ATM 3370, Lambton Alloys 3301, Billie Box 3287, Top Coat Painting 3276, Morlo Yardscapes 3274, Marcin Bowl 3245, Lehder Environmental 3217, D And D Flooring Installations 3198 and Tomlinson Enterprises 3192.  Members of the Watch And See team are Tyler Robertson, Jordan Millier, Marcel Lajoie, Corey Lefebvre and Victor Horvath. Members of the The Young Plugs team are Dave Giles, Steve Miller, Brent Cornell, Jon Bettridge and Chris Chaves.             

           Rounding out the scores from the Marcin Border City Menís League were  Shane Chipman 665 (231), Mike Mezzatesta 663 (226-236), Billy Best 653 (245), Kevin McMillan 651 (224-224), Dan Vandermeer 650 (237), Bill Cole 634 (227), Don Oetting 633 (221), Mel Kongus 631 (244), Stephane Sirois 624, Dean Troiani 617, Patrick Mumby 616 (222),  Dave LeClair 615 (232), Brett Matthews 234 and Jason Lucas 222. The Lehder Environmental team, consisting of team members Patrick Mumby, Brett Matthews, Don Oetting and Kevin Matthews were the league champions and the closing tournament champions. The closing tournament scores were Lehder Environmental 2669, Lambton Metal Services 2642, Marcin Bowl 2630, TSM Mechanical 2621, Marcin Bowl Two 2612, Bayshore Home Health 2505, W. J. Barnes Ltd. 2478, Up Rite Door Ltd. 2470, Lolaís Lucky Lounge 2434 and Sarnia Produce 2374.    

           In Marcin Sarnia Aamjiwnaang Mixed League play, the gentsí high scores were Greg Gray 684 (216-213-255) and Gord Bayly 672 (239-221-212). The ladiesí top scores were Tracy George 548 (193), Kathy Watters 473, Annette George 449, Shirley Oliver 447 and Kristal Nahmabin 443. Second half final team standings are Here For The Beer 74, Three Balls And A Split 67, Split Happens 62, Clubbing For XXX 62, King Pins 60, Phantom Strikers 54, Bowling Stones 51, Stealth Bowlers 46, Spare Me 45 and Pin Pushers 39. 

           In Marin Friday Night Mixed League action, the menís upper scores were Ray Lucas 622 (212-217), John Somers 591 (221-223), Dave Urban 548, Rich Patterson 211 and Bob Laframboise 200. The womenís best scores were Barb Montgomery 572 (192-196), Marilyn Mullen 510 (184), Mary Hearns 471 and Sue Sorenson 460 (189). Second half final team standings are Wicked Pins 87, Gutterbusters 86, Pin Tricks 78, Split Ends 69, Striking Power 53 and Splitters 47. 

          This is the final adult LCTA bowling report for this season. There will be one, perhaps two, YOUTH reports yet to come. The LCTA hopes everyone enjoyed reading the bowling reports and would like to say a special ďTHANK YOUď to ROY MEZZATESTA who takes many pictures that are included in the write ups. Have a safe and relaxing summer and hopefully everybody will be back on the lanes in September.            




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