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Personal note from Coach Rose
DECEMBER 9,  2011

Sarnia Legionnaire Coach Dan Rose is seeking your support, please read his message:

We have some friends that make an annual trip to the Sudan on a humanitarian mission. They have found that when they go to the Sudan one of the things that is needed most there for the children is soccer balls. They have also found that the best way to pack and transport the balls (deflated) is in hockey bags.

I am sending this message out to ask for your help. If you have any old hockey bags at home that you are not using or any soccer balls as well I will be collecting them to give. If you would care to purchase a low cost hockey bag or soccer ball at your local sporting goods store that would be appreciated as well. They could also use any soccer shorts or soccer shirts that you might have and are not using any more. I will need to collect them all by the end of our game next Thurs Dec 15th vs Strathroy. PS, all soccer balls must be deflated.

Thank you so much for your help and support, Sincerely, Coach Dan Rose and family



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