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Beavers return Senior lacrosse to Sarnia
andrew brethauer January 7th, 2012

Sarnia, ON - Senior B lacrosse will be returning to Sarnia this April, as a press conference held Saturday afternoon announced the Sarnia Kel-Gor Beavers would join the Ontario Lacrosse League.

"The interest again is amazing," said Gord Neely Jr. who was announced at the press conference as the teams Head Coach. "We are going to have four to six pro's or ex-pro's. The competition level is going to be excellent."

Sarnia had a former Senior B lacrosse team in the St. Clair Storm, but will now resurrect the Beavers, which previously won the Ontario Lacrosse League Championship back in 1953.

The team will primarily be made up of local players, but with Sarnia being distant from their closest competitors, the Beavers will be able to bring in talent from Wallaceburg, Windsor and London.

Neely Jr. already has remarked that this team will be totally different game then what is happening with the juniors, with players playing both sides of the floor on offence and defence rather then being a specialist on one side. This style of play is common with the Sarnia Pacers, Sarnia's Junior B lacrosse team.

"I like our guys to play both ends of the floor," said Neely Jr. "The secret to the game is still pass-run-catch. You still have to look after your own end first and the offence will take care of itself. You got to keep people off the score sheet and it starts with the goaltender."

With pro's and ex-pro's joining the team early, Neely Jr. expects a high level of competition coming from Sarnia, and on paper the team looks to be solid from top to bottom. But he stresses that this is a Senior level team and the competition to make this team will be just as tough as the competition in the rest of the league.

"This is not a teaching league," said Neely Jr. "This is a league where you got to get results. It is more or less now try to get the chemistry together where everybody can react with each other."

The Beavers will be apart of the Ontario Lacrosse League and be featured in the West division along with Oakville, Six Nations and St. Catherine's. Tryouts begin in April with the season starting at the end of the month. Sarnia will play 16 games, eight home and away games.


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