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Team Canada Women Gymnastics qualify for Team Finals, All Around Individual and Vault Finals

July 29, 2012 
by Pat brethauer


photos courtesy of London 2012 Olympics


This is the first time that a Canadian Women Gymnastics team qualified into a final in a non-boycotted Olympic after placing in 8th place. 


Sarnia's Dominique Pegg and teammates Kristina Vaculik, Victoria Moores, Brittany Rogers and Ellie Black had a combine total of 167.696 points.  for a complete list of team overall standings click here.


The team event is set for Tuesday July 31 (beginning at 11:30 am EDT).  Dominique Pegg also qualified for the all-around individual final Thursday Aug 2 (beginning at 11:30 am EDT) click here for a list of all competitors. Brittany Rogers and Ellie Black made the vault final scheduled for Sunday Aug 5 (beginning at 9:30 am EDT) click here for list of competitors.


Back home Dominique's 93 year old Grandmother Mickey Parker sat anxiously awaiting to see her Granddaughter perform. 




Other Highlights and information:

See the celebrations when they learn the good news (courtesy of CTV Olympics on Youtube)


Pegg also made National News on Television and other news media when she tweeted to heart throb Justin Bieber

Dominique Pegg‏@domiP3gg
K @justinbieber I will be competing in the Olympics in a few hours now. I think its time that you say goodluck!

Justin Bieber@justinbieber
@domiP3gg sorry im late 2 the party. want to let you know as a proud canadian Im always supporting you and proud of you. STAND UP CANADA! :)

 Dominique Pegg‏ @domiP3gg
 @justinbieber OMG thank you so much for tweeting me!! Thank you for teaching me to never give up on my dreams


Competition format

The Olympic Artistic Gymnastics competition has four phases: Team final, Individual All-Around final and individual apparatus finals.

All gymnasts compete in the qualifications. The best eight teams then go through to the Team final, where three team members compete on each apparatus. Teams are ranked on their total score.

The best 24 individual gymnasts (maximum two from each country) go through to the Individual All-Around final, where gymnasts compete on all apparatus. The best eight gymnasts on each apparatus (maximum two from each country) go through to the individual apparatus finals.

Each apparatus is judged for difficulty and execution, with the highest scoring athlete the winner.








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