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All Star Game
Tuesday February 3, 2009 - Sarnia Arena - 6:00 pm
$2.00 admission


This is the 23rd season of LSSAA boys’ high school hockey in Lambton County. The league officially began play in the fall of 1986. This is the 8th annual Boys’ All-star game.


All-Star players are chosen based on three criteria; Hockey Ability + School Academics + Attitude
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One of the objectives of the boys’ annual All-star game is to showcase the most highly skilled hockey players from all the high schools in Lambton County. The event is also a way to acknowledge those students who combine athletic ability, and school spirit, along with academic success. The game provides these student athletes an opportunity to show off their talents in a competitive event, to play along with others that they usually compete against, and to have some fun. At the conclusion of the game, all the players receive individual LSSAA all-star medals, as well as pizza and pop.


Players from all of the Lambton high schools will be represented. The participants are divided so that there will be players from each high school on both all-star teams. This arrangement provides for a competitive and interesting format. Players will have team-mates that they normally compete against. It also sets up mini-rivalries between team-mates who now must oppose each other. Players will be wearing their regular school team jerseys, with one team (Team Outfitters) wearing their home whites while the other team (Team Micor) will wear their road darks.  A number of rule variations for the All-star game are as follows; no body-checking allowed, for any penalty infraction a penalty shot is awarded, and if the game ends in a tie it then goes to a shoot-out.


As the rivalry between store-owners continues, coaches for this annual event are;

Team Outfitters:

            - Dave Hill (Team Outfitters owner, has worked with Lambton Junior Sting)

            – assistant Bob Gould (LCCVI teacher & coach, former NHL player)


Team Micor:

- Bill Abercrombie (Micor Source for Sports owner, Sarnia Legionnaires coach, & former professional player)

            - assistant Chris Edgar (NCIV teacher & coach, senior hockey player) 


Many of the current players on the Sarnia Legionnaires & Lambton Shores Predators local Junior “B” hockey clubs played high school hockey in the last year or two.


Legionnaires include: Zach McQueen (NCIV), Matt Abercrombie (NCIV), Tyler Peters (NCIV), Tyler Lewis (SPHS), Jesse Drydak (SCHR), Matt Berglund (SCHR), Andrew Sokol (NCIV), Darren Foubister (SCHR)


Predators include: Rory Keane (NCIV), Dustin Cope (SPHS), Norm Leger (SPHS), Shawn Waldie (SCSS)


Many former high school players have gone on to other levels of hockey as well, such as Junior “A”, university & college, Europe & even the NHL. Examples include:

Jordan Hill (Sarnia Sting), Ryan Hare (Europe), Brad Staubitz (NHL/AHL), Shawn Futers (AHL), Brian Dillon (Europe), Steven Bryce (Western), Patrick Sutton (OHL), Jamie Johnson (OHL), Corey Hackney (US college), Ward Smith (US college), Kyle Nueber (OHL)

LSSAA All-Star Game History

 2008: Team Outfitters 7 vs. Team Micor 5
2007: Team Outfitters 3 vs. Team Micor 5

2006: Team Outfitters 6 vs. Team Micor 5 (OT)

2005: Team Outfitters 5 vs. Team Micor 3

2000: Team White 4 vs. Team Dark 3

1999: Team Outfitters 5 vs. Team Micor 2

1998: Team Outfitters 7 vs. Team Micor 5

 The All-star game also sets up the final two weeks of the LSSAA boys’ hockey regular season. There are a number of crucial match-ups in that time, with playoff spots yet to be decided. LSSAA playoffs start February 17th and the Championship game for the “LSSAA Lambton Cup” is scheduled for Tuesday, February 24th at Shores Arena in Forest at 6:30 pm