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March 2, 2009

St Christopher Cyclones vs Forster Spartans

pictures and highlights
by Kyle MacKinnon

It was a heartbreaking loss when the St. Christopher Cyclones senior boys basketball team hosted the Forster Spartans last night at the St. Chris gym.

The Cyclones trailed by 10 points at the half, but with three-minutes left in the fourth quarter had closed the gap to a single point; but it wasn't meant to be as the Cyclones lost 54-47.

"I am very disappointed," head coach Dave Elsley said after the loss.
"I think we were out sized and out skilled yet our guys played very well and deserved a better fate."

Cyclone's were led by Joe Rocca with 14 points followed by Matt Cinjau with 13 points. The Cyclones trailed 18-13 after the first quarter and 34-24 after the first half. Following a 14-7 run in the third the Cyclones couldn't stop Spartans starter Ali Haidar who took over in the fourth quarter. He was the leading scorer in the game with 18 points and came up with many key rebounds in the fourth. Other scorers for the Cyclones included Eric McDonald (8), Alex DeCarolis (4), Jake Browning (4), Joe Greenwood (3) and Mike Harris (1)

"They played very very well," Elsley said.

Lost in the game was what happened in the stands during the battle between the Cyclone's and Spartans . During a key free throw by a Cyclones player late in the game the gym was quiet. Just as the player was about to shoot the ball a Spartan parent made a loud sound (attempting to distract the shooter). The free throw missed. Fans of the Cyclones showed their displeasure with the parent who got in a verbal disagreement with other fans. After the game had ended parents from both teams had to be separated because of the incident.

The only senior boys team left still playing is St. Clair. They will host the Windsor representative at St. Clair tonight at 7 p.m.

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