2009 - 2010 School Athletics


LSSAA Scores - Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Playoff Semi-final
St. Clair took a 17 - 5 win over St. Christopher's.  Northern blanked LCCVI 22 - 0.  Tires by Curtis Epps (2), Curtis Robichaud and Andrew Lane.  Nathan Wilson had 2 conversions in the game.

Playoff final is set for May 27 at St. Clair against Northern and St. Clair.  game time 5:00 pm.


Playoff Semi-final
Northern blindsided LCCVI in the 9 - 0 win.  Scoring for Northern were G:K. Roberts(2),T. Regan(2), M. Hislop, A. MacDougall,V. Prowse,S. Roberts,N. Stewart.  Earning the shutout A. Pugsley


SCITS fell to St. Christopher in their playoff semi final by a score of 9 - 0.


Senior Girls final will be against Northern and St. Christopher.  Game will be played at Northern with a 4:00 pm kick off.


Playoff Semi-final
St. Christopher boys also shut out LCCVI with a final 7 - 0 score.  Goals scored by Alex DeCarolis with 3 and singles by  Anthony Petrucci, Corey Jackson, Scott Szabo and Matt Cinjau.  Scott Szabo earned the shutout.

St. Christopher will be taking on Northern in the finals set for Thursday May 20 at St. Christopher at 4:00 pm.


St. Clair and LCCVI tied 4 - 4.  For LCCVI Jace Dupuis batted in a 2 run triple and Brandon Crul pitched 3 strong innings.


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