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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Team Outfitters took a 10 - 7 win over Team Micor at the 9th Annual Boys High School All-Star Hockey Game.

The Teams were made up from players from all Lambton High schools and were divided up to make up the two teams.  The All-Star players were chosen based on three criteria; Hockey Ability + School Academics + Attitude  2009 - 2010 Roster


Jeff Perry had the honours of dropping the puck
in the ceremonial faceoff

Dave Hill, owner of Team Outfitters was the coach for Team Outfitters along with Jeff Perry (Coach of Sarnia Legionnaires) and Ryan Hare (former Sarnia Sting player and currently teaches at St. Christopher).  Team Micor was coached by Micor Sports owner Bill Abercrombie and Northern Collegiate teacher Chris Edgar and (Senior A Hockey player).  As in previous years, the rivalry between store-owners continued.

After two periods of play it looked like it would be a decisive win for the Outfitters as they were leading 7 - 2.  However, Team Micor fought back for a comeback and scored 5 goals in the third to narrow the gap but time ran out giving Team Outfitters their 5th win in 9 years.


The teams normally carry two goalies, however with one goalie absent Chris Clark went the distance for the Team Micor.  Team Outfitters goal tending was shared by Matt Ferguson from LCCVI (2GA) and Colton James from St. Christopher (5GA).



Scoring summary:



13:35 – Team Micor: Dan Lumley (SCSS), unassisted

8:55 – Team Outfitters: Spencer Bronzi (SCHR), assist Cody Hardman (SCSS)

5:55 – Team Outfitters: Joel Acton (SPHS), assist Chris Steven (NLSS)

2:20 – Team Outfitters: Kyle Brothers (LCCV), assists Joey Burt (NCIV), Jake McPhail (LCCV)



19:32 – Team Outfitters: Elliot Pecora (NCIV), assists Tyler Tobin (SPHS), Dan Charlton (NCIV)

15:44 – Team Micor: Pietro Restivo (SCHR), assists Alex MacEachern (SPHS), Matt Cimetta (SCHR)

7:23 – Team Outfitters: Joel Acton (SPHS), unassisted

3:24 – Team Outfitters: Pat Magermans (SCIT), assists Matt Glowa (SCIT), Chad Rainsberry (LCCV)

2:56 – Team Outfitters: Matt Glowa (SCIT), assist Chad Rainsberry (LCCV)



19:12 – Team Outfitters penalty shot by Cody Hardman (SCSS) stopped by Chris Clark (NCIV)

15:59 – Team Outfitters: Chris Steven (NLSS), assist Mason Bresett (NLSS)

15:44 – Team Micor: Nick Sproviero (SCHR), assists Cody McPhail (LCCV), Ryan Dayman (NCIV)

13:04 – Team Outfitters: Elliot Pecora (NCIV), assists Spencer Bronzi (SCHR), Tyler Tobin (SPHS)

9:21 – Team Micor: Matt Cimetta (SCHR), assists Kyle Jackson (SPHS), Pietro Restivo (SCHR)

8:07 – Team Micor: Nick Sproviero (SCHR) unassisted

7:21 – Team Micor penalty shot by Alex MacEachern (SPHS), stopped by Colton James (SCHR)

5:15 – Team Micor: Kyle Jackson (SPHS), assist Colin Epps (NCIV)

5:05 – Team Outfitters: Thomas Flaminio (SCHR), assists Kyle Brothers (LCCV), Joey Burt (NCIV)

4:17 – Team Micor penalty shot by Dyaln Fraser (LCCV), stopped by Colton James (SCHR)

2:53 – Team Micor penalty shot by Pietro Restivo (SCHR), stopped by Colton James (SCHR)

1:36 – Team Micor: Kyle Jackson (SPHS), assists Jordan McBeath (NCIV), Alex MacEachern (SPHS)



LSSAA All-Star Game History


2010: Team Outfitters 10 vs Team Micor 7
2009: Team Outfitters 4 vs. Team Micor 7

2008: Team Outfitters 7 vs. Team Micor 5

2007: Team Outfitters 3 vs. Team Micor 5

2006: Team Outfitters 6 vs. Team Micor 5 (OT)

2005: Team Outfitters 5 vs. Team Micor 3

2000: Team Outfitters 3 vs. Team Micor 4

1999: Team Outfitters 5 vs. Team Micor 2

1998: Team Outfitters 7 vs. Team Micor 5