2010 - 2011 School Athletics


Football Finals

Northern vs St Christopher

October 30, 2010

Northern Vikings sweeps Cyclones in High School Football Championships

By Andrew Brethauer


            The Northern Vikings are double L.S.S.A.A. Football champions, as both Senior and Junior football teams beat St. Christopher’s Saturday afternoon at St. Clair. Both games remained close till the end, where the Vikings would pull away, winning the Junior game 26-14, and the Senior game 25-9.


            The Senior game showcased tough defence by both teams, as the Vikings and Cyclones held each other back from any big games. Northern would get into field game range and kicker Brian Kaija would boot three field goals through the uprights, including a long 44 yarder. Kaija would add his fourth field goal of the game early in the second quarter to give the Vikings a 12-0 lead. The Cyclones would drive down the field, but were cut off when Maitland Long intercepted a Ryan Greenwood pass and the Vikings would take a knee to end the quarter.


            St. Christopher’s would open the second half with a kick through the end zone to give them a point. The Vikings would respond by marching down the field and scoring on a run by quarterback Jon Ravenhorst. But the touchdown was called back due to unnecessary roughness and the Cyclones would have to punt away after the penalty moved them out of field goal range due to windy weather.


            Greenwood would then start a drive for the Cyclones, completing passes to receivers and gaining yards on Viking pass interference penalties. Greenwood would cap off the drive with a goal line pass over the defence for a touchdown. The Cyclones would add an extra point, as well as kick another ball through the end zone on the ensuing kickoff to make it 12-9 for the Vikings.


            The Vikings continued to put points through the uprights, as Kaija would kick his fifth and sixth field goal of the game, to give the Vikings a 18-9 lead. Things would get worse for the Cyclones as Greenwood would throw an interception to Mike Nicholson, who would return it deep into Cyclones territory. The Vikings would finally get one passed the goal line as Curtis Robichaud would punch in a one yard run, capped off by an extra point by Kaija for his 19th point of the game.


            The Cyclones could not respond, and the Vikings would take the Championship with a 25-9 victory. Kicker Brian Kaija would receive the MVP honours for the game, scoring 19 of the Vikings 25 points, while going 6 for 6 in field goal tries.



The Northern Seniors will go to S.W.O.S.S.A.

The Senior All-Stars were announced after the game, as five players from each team were selected. They are as follows:


St. Patricks

  1. Colin Sullivan

  2. Dylan Chappelle

  3. Austin Langteigne

  4. Joel Action

  5. Dan Moskal



1. Jason Dobson

2. Dylan White

3. Connor Downie

4. Sheldon Marks-Alexander

5. Justine Joyce



  1. Zach Welton

  2. Mike Zimmerman

  3. Mitch Rate

  4. Brandon Smith

  5. Kelton Christopher


St. Clair

  1. Ian Van Reenan

  2. Denver Spearman

  3. Troy Nahmabin

  4. Eric Clarke

  5. Mike Belisle


St. Christopher

  1. Anthony Petrucci

  2. Zach Lippiatt

  3. Grant Marshall

  4. Chris Kongas

  5. Brett Fracalanza



  1. Maitland Long

  2. TJ Mara

  3. Curtis Robichaud

  4. Stephane’ Jean

  5. Brian Kaija


Lloyd Blondin Trophy (Awarded by the Referee’s association to the team that displays greatest amount of good sportsmanship)

Winner: St. Clair Colts


Mattingley Trophy (Senior Team with best regular season record)

Winner: Northern Vikings


Titen Trophy (Most Valuable Player in the L.S.S.A.A. regular season)

TJ Mara (Northern) and Anthony Petrucci (St. Christopher’s)



             In earlier Junior action, the Vikings had a 10-7 lead in the fourth quarter before Viking QB Hayden McLean kept the ball for a 33 yard run for the touchdown. The Vikings would add two points after the Cyclones fumbles in the end zone, and would take a 19-7 lead. The Cyclones would return the score as Mike Fraser would rush in for a touchdown to bring the game back to within one score. But Mitchell Smiley of the Vikings would have a 60 yard touchdown run to seal the victory for the Junior Vikings 26-14.



Smiley would get MVP honours for the Junior game.



After the game, awards were handed out to Junior players for Most Valuable Player and Most Valuable Lineman. The following are the award winners.


St. Patrick’s

Most Valuable Player: Peter Fais

Most Valuable Lineman: Joshua McRea


St. Clair

Most Valuable Player: Brad Churchill

Most Valuable Lineman: Graham Pedregosa



Most Valuable Player: Dalton Rand

Most Valuable Lineman: Nathan Campbell


St. Christopher

Most Valuable Player: Michael Frasher

Most Valuable Lineman: Joshua Chynees



Most Valuable Player: Nathan MacIntrye

Most Valuable Lineman: Sam Lynch



Most Valuable Player: Andrew Lane

Most Valuable Lineman: Isaac Butler


The Gordon Patterson Trophy (Best regular season record)

Winner: Northan Vikings (5-0)


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