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 Battle Under the Bridge 7 vs. 7 
Men’s Self Refereed Soccer Tourney

August 19, 2012

Tournament Rules

Max Roster Size is 13

·         Changes are on the fly (player substituting player must reach sideline before other player can enter the field) they are marked where to can change on the fly.

·         Games are two twenty minute Half’s (non stopped time) (with a five minute rest period)

·         No Offside

·         All Round Robin Games May End in a tie.  3 Points for Win, 1 Point for Tie

·         In playoffs if game still tied after regulation: two five minute half’s will be played, if still tied after two 5 minute half’s, teams each team will take 5 players each to shoot penalty’s if still tied, will go to sudden death Penalty Kicks with a player that has not shot taking the penalty kick. (Note the player does NOT have to be on field at the end of the game to take a penalty kick)

Slide Tackles are allowed but keep in mind this is a fun tourney don’t want anyone to get hurt.

·         All balls out on the sideline will be an indirect free Kick.

·         Shin pads are required and no metal studs will be used

As this is Self Refereed, A voluntary referee (not from either team playing) can be used if both teams agree 

·         A Player may only play for ONE team.

·         Games will be played on Bluewater Bridge Mini fields, field numbers are clearly marked on each goal post.

Tie Breakers for Round Robin Seeding for playoffs

·         Points

·         Head to head Matchup Between Teams tied

·         Goals Differential

·         Goals For

*** If still tied a penalty kick showdown will occur.








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