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Friday November 7, 2014

The first semi-final of the day opened up with a lot of energy and speed. Much like the first game between these two teams, USA looked to control Sweden's speed by playing a physical style of game. This style escalated when Max Jones delivered a head shot injuring a Sweden defender. Sweden would get a great chance to extend a lead they created just moments earlier when Alexander Nylander scored to open the game. Goaltender Joseph Woll shut the door which opened the door for Kailer Yakamoto to tie the game before the conclusion of the period.

Entering the second period both teams were maintaining their positioning and challenging each other while playing safe looking for the next opportunity to take the lead. This opportunity would come for Joey Anderson who made no mistake giving USA a 2-1 lead at the conclusion of a period in which USA had taken control.

Sweden looked to complete the very difficult task of erasing a USA lead in the third period. The American team did a great job limiting Sweden's opportunities and forcing them to dump and chase or take low percentage shots. Sweden eventually took a tripping penalty and if would take all of 10 seconds for Luke Martin to put USA up 3-1 in this game. After a bit of a questionable call, USA would quickly return to the powerplay and this time it would be Max Jones scoring to secure a 4-1 victory for USA and a trip to the gold medal game.


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